Creative and experimental methods for boosting biodiversity prioritisation

“Great, happy and inspired” these were the closing words of the participants at our recent training session.  What happened at the event, what did the participants learn, and how can you learn from our experiences?

One of PLANET4B’s working hypotheses is that societies need transformative change to halt and reverse the alarming rates of biodiversity loss. To address this need, PLANET4B has been working on analysing, testing, developing and synthesising intervention methods that go beyond traditional approaches (e.g., laws and regulations, markets and incentives, information) and can be implemented within the project’s case studies.

To learn about the potential innovative tools facilitating transformative change at various – individual to institutional – levelsPLANET4B team organised an experiential training for the partners who are now expected to apply some of these intervention methods in practice. 

The focus on the use of non-traditional creative, deliberative, experimental social interventions for improved biodiversity prioritisation and doing so taking into account intersectionality concerns such as power, inclusivity, communication, made this training particularly unique. 

Learn more about the training and access the full workshop report of deploying methods.

For a concise overview of the research findings, explore the research brief available here.