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Latest documents

  • Behaviour Biodiversity brief intersectionality

    The document provides a brief summary of the Report on pre-test and pre-validation of contextualised intervention methods, which describes and analyses the methodologies applied, pre-tested, and adapted by the PLANET4B case studies.

  • Behaviour Biodiversity research

    The aim of the joint working methodology is to understand each other's knowledge base, mindset and expectations, so that project partners (academics, practice partners and societal stakeholders) can work effectively on common research topics. To address this challenge, social science theories and methodologies applied in the project were debated in a workshop to explore their practical [...]

  • Behaviour intersectionality research

    This report documents the internal PLANET4B process of selecting, pre-testing, adapting and aligning individual research-based intervention methods to the eleven individual case studies.  It provides an overview of how the task of aligning intervention methods to intersectional and biodiversity challenges of individual case studies was managed by the Task leads and engaged with by the wider consortium, including through a [...]