• Film, cook, think biodiversity! PLANET4B interventions training in Berlin


    Biodiversity loss – along with climate change – is exacerbating, already having a severe impact on humanity. Continual deforestation has led to worsening air quality and reduced carbon storage, our depleted lands and oceans yield less and less food, public health is increasingly threatened by epidemics linked to contact with species that have lost their habitats, and our mental health deteriorates through being out of touch with nature. These impacts are worse on those that are already more vulnerable or [...]

  • Creative and experimental methods for boosting biodiversity prioritisation


    “Great, happy and inspired” these were the closing words of the participants at our recent training session.  What happened at the event, what did the participants learn, and how can you learn from our experiences? […]

  • How to design learning communities for knowledge co-creation in social research on biodiversity


    Communities can provide ingenious answers aiming to influence decision making on biodiversity related questions. Engaging diverse community actors and stakeholders in a meaningful way is possible only if tailor-made approaches are used to contact and interact with them. Take a look at this process briefly and you’ll surely be tempted to delve into the full report.  

  • How to bridge biodiversity and social vulnerabilities? Lessons learnt in the PLANET4B cases


    By the end of 2023, the PLANET4B project has reached a significant milestone. Five learning communities and six stakeholder boards have been established to discover answers together to the question: how can biodiversity be prioritised in individual, community, and systemic decisions? […]

  • The story in the theory – How we apply creative methods in our research


    The document summarises the results of the workshop on ‘theory of commonalities and conflicts’. The report provides a methodological description of the two-day workshop, where participants analysed the case studies of the project, using creative methods and an interactive approach. Which areas connecting strongly to biodiversity are covered in the case studies What sort of creative methods did the participants used so far to develop each case study Which theories of change, policy options, and preliminary leverage points can trigger [...]

  • Biodiversity in various aspects – Researchers’ presentations are available


    In October 2023 PLANET4B project held a session entitled ‘Transformative interventions to strengthen prioritisation of biodiversity in decision making’ at the Earth Governance System Project annual conference. The short but intensive panel provided space for researchers involved in the PLANET4B project, and we also invited speakers from sister project and other researches showing convergence. The event was an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences with other experts and academic researchers, and to get feedback on the progress made so far in [...]