• Biodiversity in various aspects – Researchers’ presentations are available


    In October 2023 PLANET4B project held a session entitled ‘Transformative interventions to strengthen prioritisation of biodiversity in decision making’ at the Earth Governance System Project annual conference. The short but intensive panel provided space for researchers involved in the PLANET4B project, and we also invited speakers from sister project and other researches showing convergence. The event was an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences with other experts and academic researchers, and to get feedback on the progress made so far in [...]

  • We are hiring: PLANET4B Research and Coordination Associate on Environment and Society


    We are looking for candidates for the position of Research and Coordination Associate on Environment and Society in our Horizon Europe Project PLANET4B team at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) (research group of Dr. Ilkhom Soliev) (with full time employment), to be filled as soon as possible and till October 31, 2025. […]

  • Theories into practice – Spotlight on the PLANET4B cases


    The first nine months of the PLANET4B project flew by, and our eleven cases have already immersed in their research topic. Literature reviews were carried out, stakeholder networks were mapped, and different engagement and data collection activities were launched, ranging from community walks and workshops to surveys, interviews, and farm visits. These activities are crucial steps towards establishing partnership with our stakeholders. […]

  • PLANET4B Advisory Board member Marco Janssen receives the Ostrom Award


    We congratulate our Advisory Board member Dr. Marco Janssen of Arizona State University for receiving the prestigious Elinor Ostrom Award! […]

  • Addressing Biodiversity Loss through Intersectionality


    In an effort to combat rising inequalities and biodiversity loss, our research project PLANET4B has introduced a new approach. By employing the concept of intersectionality, the project aims to shed light on potential mechanisms of oppression at the intersections of race, gender, disability, sexuality, class, age, and other social categories. The report highlights the crucial role played by intersectionality in understanding the complex dynamics between social categories and their impact on biodiversity. Through a co-creation process involving workshops, the PLANET4B [...]

  • One hundred ways to transform biodiversity prioritisation in individual, community, and institutional decision-making


    One of the overall arguments in the literature on social transformations is that change in deeper-level leverage points such as paradigms, mindsets, norms, and alike, have greater potential for transforming the social systems at more fundamental levels. But is there any link between mindfulness meditation and stream-side wildlife populations, a poetry-walk and urban bee-keepers, or role-playing and presence of organic farming in a certain area? The PLANET4B project investigates whether these popular, widespread or less-known, recently developed intervention methods can [...]