• One hundred ways to transform biodiversity prioritisation in individual, community, and institutional decision-making


    One of the overall arguments in the literature on social transformations is that change in deeper-level leverage points such as paradigms, mindsets, norms, and alike, have greater potential for transforming the social systems at more fundamental levels. But is there any link between mindfulness meditation and stream-side wildlife populations, a poetry-walk and urban bee-keepers, or role-playing and presence of organic farming in a certain area? The PLANET4B project investigates whether these popular, widespread or less-known, recently developed intervention methods can [...]

  • Building strong collaborations for transformative change


    Building strong collaborations with similar projects and initiatives is at the heart of PLANET4B’s synergies strategy. The synergy strategy maps relevant projects and initiatives and through doing so, bridges a knowledge gap on what types of similar biodiversity relevant projects and initiatives exist. […]

  • Using biodiversity to persuade: A discourse analysis


    The meaning we assign to the world around us influences the way we behave and treat things. Therefore, it is of great importance to better understand how society views and understands fundamental challenges of our time, such as biodiversity loss. How do different social groups perceive and communicate about biodiversity? How do perceptions, communication, and worldviews intersect with values? The latest document (Report on biodiversity and related concepts perceptions) published by the PLANET4B researcher group analyses the biodiversity discourse. It [...]

  • Understanding decision-making through disciplinary theories


    Thousands of research studies, position papers and articles draw attention to the threat of biodiversity loss, yet the issue is still not on the top of policy-maker’s priority list. Why? What will change the mindset of decision-makers and what factors have significant impact on decision-making? The new report of PLANET4B collects and classifies a range of frameworks, theories, models, and concepts across a gradient of intrapersonal, interpersonal, and institutional levels of intervention to provide an inventory of behavioural- and social [...]

  • Key theoretical approaches to help us improve biodiversity decision making 


    Do we make certain decisions because we want to avoid risks or because as women we care more or because the system defined it for us? Within PLANET4B, we want to fill a gap and map existing knowledge that explains why we make certain decisions. In this way, we can understand better how biodiversity can be prioritised in our decision making so we can avoid rampant levels of biodiversity loss. To understand what knowledge has been already collated within various [...]