PLANET4B on the Graz Seed Festival

The urban gardeners and seed enthusiasts of Graz celebrated the 11th year of their small festival honoring seed diversity.
The PLANET4B project partners attended the event and reported on the topics covered, news and conclusions.

This year’s event brought together two neighboring case studies: one from Graz focusing on green urban spaces’ accessibility for women, and another from Hungary exploring Hungarian seed systems.

The Seed Talks, featured discussions at the City Museum of Graz, covering topics like seed diversity, legislation in the European Union, and agrobiodiversity from a gender perspective. Presentations included insights from research within the PLANET4B project and discussions on community seed networks. A roundtable discussion delved into EU seed legislation processes, concluding that while there’s room for development, the current situation isn’t dire, but vigilance is crucial. The day ended with a presentation on permaculture and food forests, sparking thought-provoking discussions.

Seed Talks / photo David Steinwender


The following day, the 11th Seed Festival of Graz took place in the city center, featuring seed swapping, seed sales, and representatives from community gardens. Urban gardeners, farmers, and enthusiasts gathered to exchange seeds and knowledge, making it a vibrant and enriching event.

Seed swapping / photo David Steinwender

For more details, read the ESSRG’s report!