Engaged science: changing mindsets with research intervention method sets

PLANET4B seeks to understand how a range of social and cultural factors come to shape people’s attitudes towards biodiversity and nature, inspire new ways of working and living and contribute to enhanced policy agendas through the very process of undertaking research, as well as through the resulting research outputs.

The project is centred around the development and application of three complimentary sets of research intervention methods explored within 11 case studies.

The recently published research document Report on pre-test and pre-validation of contextualised intervention methods  gives a full picture of:
• The sources and research intervention method sets available to project participants
• The process used to select the most appropriate methods for each case study
• Preliminary information on the games currently developed in the frame of the project, such as the Biodiversity-Food-Governance Game or Biodiversity Jenga
• Guidance on how to combine traditional research tools (eg. interviews and focus groups) with creative methods (eg. photovoice, scenario workshop, or field trips)

We recommend the analysis for:
• Academic researchers looking to update their research toolkit
• Community experts seeking new creative, inspiring tools for group work
• NGOs or institutions committed to biodiversity and social change
• Those who are already familiar with creative methods and want to learn more about their functionality, applicability, and effectiveness
• Those who are open to alternative education and awareness-raising tools.


For a quick overview download the research brief.


Cover photo: CGE-Erfurt