PLANET4B Advisory Board member Marco Janssen receives the Ostrom Award

We congratulate our Advisory Board member Dr. Marco Janssen of Arizona State University for receiving the prestigious Elinor Ostrom Award!

About the award

The Award, created to honor and develop the legacy of Elinor Ostrom, aims to acknowledge and promote the work of practitioners, young and senior scholars involved in the field of the commons. In accordance with Ostrom´ s large legacy, the scope of the Award aims to be broad, including academic and applied work on traditional commons (forests, water bodies, pasture lands, fisheries, etc.), local commons, interlinked commons (forests and watersheds, fisheries and coastlines, etc), global commons, knowledge, cultural and virtual commons.

About the awardee

Working together with scholars from diverse disciplines, Dr. Janssen studies the conditions of self-governance of shared resources in the field, the lab, cyberspace, and outer space. Using behavioral experiments, computational models, and case study comparison, his work has contributed to methodological diversity in studying the governance of the commons. His work demonstrates the importance of a participatory process to derive sustainable outcomes. Those insights are applied to using games as intervention tools, for example, for groundwater governance in India. Dr. Janssen has also helped to increase access to research outcomes via contributions to practices of open science, open-access publishing, and virtual conferences.