One hundred ways to transform biodiversity prioritisation in individual, community, and institutional decision-making

One of the overall arguments in the literature on social transformations is that change in deeper-level leverage points such as paradigms, mindsets, norms, and alike, have greater potential for transforming the social systems at more fundamental levels.

But is there any link between mindfulness meditation and stream-side wildlife populations, a poetry-walk and urban bee-keepers, or role-playing and presence of organic farming in a certain area? The PLANET4B project investigates whether these popular, widespread or less-known, recently developed intervention methods can be useful in improving biodiversity prioritisation in individual, community, and institutional decision-making contexts.

In our latest analysis PLANET4B experts have brought together a unique collection of 100 different methods for improving biodiversity decision-making: a Directory of Intervention Methods. The elements of the directory have been processed, categorised, and evaluated according to their potential to trigger transformations with the help of a new Reflexivity-Contextualisation Matrix.

In addition, the directory is a useful and inspiring resource for a wider audience: community developers, practitioners involved in preparing local decisions, social inclusion organisations, researchers.

As a next step, PLANET4B will continue to explore intervention methods and the authors welcome inputs and feedback from anyone interested.

You find here the full report of  Directory of key methods most suitable for biodiversity decision-making contexts.

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