Using biodiversity to persuade: A discourse analysis

The meaning we assign to the world around us influences the way we behave and treat things. Therefore, it is of great importance to better understand how society views and understands fundamental challenges of our time, such as biodiversity loss. How do different social groups perceive and communicate about biodiversity? How do perceptions, communication, and worldviews intersect with values?

The latest document (Report on biodiversity and related concepts perceptions) published by the PLANET4B researcher group analyses the biodiversity discourse. It reviews the existing relevant academic literature and identifying the key rhetoric functions, responsibilities and tasks and implied values of different actor groups in Europe, such as: news outlets, political parties, environmental NGOs, and business and industry leaders. The report also shows why and how these groups rely on the particular type of discourse in their communication and how the political stance influences the values highlighted in the discourse. The study reflects on the differences between the investigated countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Norway, The Netherlands, Switzerland, U.K.

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