Research report

Establishing Learning Communities and Advisory Boards

Behaviour intersectionality research
2023. 11. 15.
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Corresponding author: Vinícius Mendes

“One key challenge is the deep level of engagement required by stakeholders (especially members of the Learning Communities). As no financial incentives are provided to participants, their motivation to get engaged depends mostly on how well the learning objectives align with their aspirations.” – highlights the lead researcher in the report of establishing Learning Communities and Advisory Boards.

The local and virtual communities established in frame of PLANET4B project help the research to address, how can biodiversity be prioritised in individual, community, and systemic decisions.


Interested in the methods used by PLANET4B partners to establish the Learning communities and Advisory Boards in their case studies? How thoroughly did they prepare for building up of these communities? How did they recruit partners, and what challenges did they face and overcome during the process?

Download the detailed report and make use of the knowledge shared here!