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  • Behaviour Biodiversity intersectionality

    One of PLANET4B's working hypotheses is that societies need transformative change to halt and reverse the alarming rates of biodiversity loss. To address this need, PLANET4B has been working on analysing, testing, developing and synthesising intervention methods that go beyond traditional approaches (e.g., laws and regulations, markets and incentives, information) and can be implemented within [...]

  • Behaviour intersectionality research

    “One key challenge is the deep level of engagement required by stakeholders (especially members of the Learning Communities). As no financial incentives are provided to participants, their motivation to get engaged depends mostly on how well the learning objectives align with their aspirations.” - highlights the lead researcher in the report of establishing Learning Communities [...]

  • Behaviour Policy

    The document summarises the results of the workshop on ‘theory of commonalities and conflicts’. The report provides a methodological description of the two-day workshop, where participants analysed the case studies of the project, using creative methods and an interactive approach. Which areas connecting strongly to biodiversity are covered in the case studies? What sort of [...]

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  • Behaviour Biodiversity b
    Research brief

    How to design learning communities for knowledge co-creation in social research on biodiversity

    Communities can provide ingenious answers aiming to influence decision making on biodiversity related questions. Engaging diverse community actors and stakeholders in a meaningful way is possible only if tailor-made approaches are used to contact and interact with them. Take a look at this process briefly and you'll surely be tempted to delve into the full report.